Sunday, September 13, 2009

West End show

I went to the see the West End Show yesterday afternoon. There were artists who worked in glass, wood, ceramics, jewelry, photography, oils, water color, fabric, furniture, mixed media. It was a great mix. People were wandering around and it looked like they were buying. I certainly did my bit for the was good early Christmas shopping time. The weather was perfect, warm with a light breeze. There was someone singing, children were doing art projects, pizza, water and soft drinks were available. Over by the train station, I could see the easels which were to be auctioned that evening. Potential buyers were milling around under the orange banners that had been installed earlier. It all looked very festive. If you didn't go, you missed something fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Current topics

Judy Sussery and I volunteered at the West End art show in La Grange yesterday. That is a wonderfully well organized group. The show looks like it's going to be really interesting and I suggest that anyone interested in the current art scene should wander out there and take a look. I'm going back today after everything is set up. Will tell more about it in the next blog.

Meeting of the board last Wednesday. Lots of disucussion on current financial state of the art world. Sales are down at the gallery as it seems to be everywhere else. Unfortunately, expenses don't do the same. They either stay in place or go up. Jacque France indicated that she was in the process of trimming down those for the classes. There's going to be a significant sale from the framing department. We've got an ad in the current Triblocal. Hopefully, it will encourage more people to take classes.

The show for the winners of the Scholarship Program is going up staring September 18th. There'll be a reception at the League galleryon the 26th from 2-4pm. The public is welcome.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A week in Maine

Jacque and Gordy France, Gary and Alice Wick, Karen and Richard Magin and I have just spent a week in York Maine....most of us to do some serious pleine air painting and a couple of the spouses simply to enjoy all that a New England seaside town has to offer.

The scenery is beautiful and the sun shone every day. However, it was rather hot, in the 90's every day and in an unairconditioined house. But the temperature dropped into the 60's and 70's every evening so everybody slept. The Frances and the Magins drove, the Wicks and I flew to Boston and rented a car. Before joining our group at the house, I enticed Gary and Alice to stop at Bosun's Landing for a lobster roll...the best in south Maine as far as I'm concerned. What a way to start!

Every day we wandered around the area, painting, photographing, drawing...Prescott Park in Portsmouth, Cape Neddick, the Garrison House on Rt. 91, the Pepperel House in Kittery, the town dock in York, by Sewell's Bridge again in York, Cider Hill in Eliot, and in front of the house overlooking the tidal pond.

Sometimes we stopped early enough to go down to the beach and take a dip in the rather frigid Atlantic. Some days we cooked at home....grilled salmon, grilled steak, steamed lobster. Other times we traveled to local restaurants. It was all delicious. In the evening we sat around the table with wine and upper New York State homemade beer, looked at Gary photos, played cards, made comments on the paintings we had drying on the screened in porch. It was relaxed and fun. Several very good paintings were created. Gary was disappointed that there was no fog. Most of us were delighted. On the last night it rained....big time...the next morning, before we had to leave, York was covered in fog. Gary took off with camera, happy as a New England clam. His pictures are great.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our wonderful new window

If you happen to be in downtown La Grange this month, go over to 122 Calendar and see their window display. That’s the address of the La Grange Art League. And there you’ll see a really wonderful installation (something very in in the art world). Three white mannequins each wrapped in a primary color, three digital frames, two banners with photographs on them and the words “Let your creativity soar…Art classes can be your wings” . It is really marvelous!
The League wanted to showcase the opening of their autumn art classes, so they asked Margaret Prescott for inspiration. A graduate in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois and a trade show and museum exhibit designer, Margaret chose to celebrate the creativity that art classes can bring out. Coming from what looks like paint puddles on the ground, the bright color fabrics burst out and encircle the white figures. When you look down, you can see pictures of the teachers and examples of their work: and they keep changing. After dark, it’s even more fun because the ever changing photographs show up better. I went by late yesterday for ice cream at Tate’s, walked around the corner and joined a few others enjoying the soft late summer evening and the show.
In case you want to let your creativity soar, registration is going on now, classes start September 16th. The gallery is open week days and Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Walk in, ask for an application and find your wings.