Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Judy Sussery and I volunteered at the West End art show in La Grange yesterday. That is a wonderfully well organized group. The show looks like it's going to be really interesting and I suggest that anyone interested in the current art scene should wander out there and take a look. I'm going back today after everything is set up. Will tell more about it in the next blog.

Meeting of the board last Wednesday. Lots of disucussion on current financial state of the art world. Sales are down at the gallery as it seems to be everywhere else. Unfortunately, expenses don't do the same. They either stay in place or go up. Jacque France indicated that she was in the process of trimming down those for the classes. There's going to be a significant sale from the framing department. We've got an ad in the current Triblocal. Hopefully, it will encourage more people to take classes.

The show for the winners of the Scholarship Program is going up staring September 18th. There'll be a reception at the League galleryon the 26th from 2-4pm. The public is welcome.

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