Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting news on NPR

I was listening to "all Things Considered" on public radio early this week and heard an interesting blurb. It seems that purchase of original art or tickets to concerts, operas, ballets, classical music, art shows, etc. is way down. However, the public has not lost its interest in the arts. The practice of making art is way up. People are playing music, drawing, painting, dancing, a lot. Classes to learn the arts are thriving. Interestin huh?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diane's reception, etc.

Diane Nawrocki reception was last Sunday. There were a lot of people there, admiring, buying, chatting, eating, drinking, discussing. I would call it an outstanding success. Diane had asked Helen Blazie to play the violin and it was a lovely accompaniment to the occasion. I saw Connie writing up a lot of sales slips. She was busy enough that a few times I even helped by fetching bags and passing along purchases. I noticed that a lot of people looked also looked at the teacher's wall area and asked quesiions about classes.

It looks like we've gotten a good turn out for the summer classes. As of last count we had over 90 people signed up. When you consider that a lot of our usual students do not sign up for the summer session because of vacation conflicts, I think that's pretty impressive.

A week ago was the Board Meeting. Karen was out of town so Carol Wilson, our recording secretary took the helm. I was substitute recording secretary. I will treat Carol with much more respect from now on. It's not easy keeping all the comments and reports in your head, not to mention on a piece of paper and then writing it all down for the minutes. How do you write eh? I translated into under whelming....

I misspelled Connie's last name. It's Iocovetti. Sorry. Actually, it's nice to know that people are reading the blog.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

First day of Open House

Yesterday was the first day of the open house. It opened a little slowly but by about 1pm people really started coming in. What a delight. Not everybody signed up immediately. Many went home with the schedule saying they were going to discuss it and sign up in the very near future. Hopefully they will. They all seemed interested and spent quite a bit of time talking to the teachers who were working on their own projects. It really was a lot of fun. I took pictures and tomorrow, if I can manage it, I'll put them on the post.
Jacque and her crew have put in a lot of work and effort. I know it's summer and many people can't sign up because of vacation plans. There's talk of next summer having more of very short classes.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Check our ads

Well, yesterday, we made it to the local papers. Our 1/4 page full color ad was in the centersection (This week's Calendar) of the Trib local as well as a blurb about the open house in their calendar right next to it. Also a short story I sent to the same paper was on page 2. We had a full color ad on the front of the Doings and another one on the calendar page of the Suburban Life. Whew! I'm so glad it all worked out.

Samantha (our intern) and I had a table at the La Grange Farmer's Market on the same day
Hopefully, we'll have a nice crowd for the open house.. If you're planning on taking a class, especially if it's more than one, be there. The 15% off* for the second class is good for those two days only. Remember, the percentage off is on the class of lesser cost.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alla Jablowka's painting

The newsletter from the Western Springs library had a note that Alla had donated a painting to the children's library. Of course, I had to go and see it. What a wonder! It's a forest like scene, beautifully painted of course, with animals cleverly semi-hidden. To the side of the painting, there's a list of all the ones to find. Like a child, I had a great time locating the rabbits, raccoon, big and little bears, the deer, etc. The librarian joined me in the search and we had a wonderful time. When I dropped into the Gallery later that day, Dee told me that Alla has had prints made. I definitely want one. What a great gift for a child. Actually, I can see myself and my children and grown grandchildren having a great time doing the hunt. What a nice thing to have as a gift for the child who has more than enough toys.