Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher's meeting

Despite the absolutely gorgeous weather 18 people showed up last Sunday for the teacher's meeting. After introducing us all (I'm not a teacher but since I'm publicity chairman, I was asked to sit in and observe), Jacque went down her list for the order of the day.

First, we discussed the Adult Student Show. Any volunteers who would like to help set up the paintings on Saturday the 9th at 9:30am will be more than welcome. Also, if you're interested in contributing munchies for the reception on the 16th (2-4pm), please add your name to the list on the wall in the classroom. I'm planning to bring cookies....anyone else can do the same or contribute hors d"oeuvres, whatever. People do like to munch while the admire the paintings.
I didn't know it was a judged show. There'll be ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd as well as 5 honorable nice. I hope all the students make the effort to participate. There's a real satisfaction in seeing your work on the wall.

Sarah Rehmer showed us a sample of the new summer studio brochure...a new size, and a few other changes. We've got 24 classes to offer. There has been a lot of requests for more variety in what we're offerring. Well, we're doing it. Now......Everyone.....invite your friends, your acquaintances, their kids, anyone you know who would really enjoy doing something look at our brochure and sign up for a class. It's not enough to offer things, we have to encourage people to come.

There's a binder at the desk with faculty bios and pictures of their work. So, when people come in to ask about our classes, we can give them a better idea of their nature.

It was a lively group with a lot of discussion. I was impressed with the enthusiasm of all the participants. Even Gary Wick had something to say.

Much else was discussed.....but blogs shouldn't be too long...

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